Thursday, May 28, 2015

S E C U R I T Y   Q U E S T I O N

David Brower Center, 2150 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA 94704

Opening Reception
Thursday, May 28
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
7:30 pm: Saving the Next to Last performance
Free; $10 Suggested Donation
Join Security Question artists for an evening wine reception in the Brower Center’s Hazel Wolf Gallery.  Artist Kim Miskowicz will present a live edition of Saving the Next to Last, a “reverse archive” of digital material transferred to the analog format of Super 8mm film. By documenting fake security questions and Google Earth locations on celluloid, Miskowicz playfully argues that a physical record might be more long-lasting than a digital one after all.

Our sense of security holds broad implications for our personal lives and political actions—informing decisions from the mundane to the momentous. In an open call for entry, the Brower Center asked Bay Area artists to offer a 21st century perspective on this complex and incredibly significant concept. The result is Security Question, a juried exhibition that embraces an expansive definition, exploring contemporary military and police issues while widening the debate to include environmental, social, and economic concerns. At times dark, humorous, and hopeful, the featured artworks investigate our national and local defense systems and explore whether security might also be found in our connections to each other and the natural world.
Lino Azevedo - Terry Berlier - Gail Bravos - Jerome Brunet - Charlie Costello - Rodney Ewing - Alison OK Frost - Linda Gass - Michael Hall - Rebecca Herman and Mark Shoffner - Carter Johnston - Kim Miskowicz - Maggie Preston - Paul Taylor - Jesse Walton - Stephen Whisler